Living with Social Media.

How should I start this blog?  Am I thankful to be connected with my long distant friends? Yes.  Am I thankful for all the comparison the people out there have been making? No.  Plus, I have never admitted it but for sure those Instagram pictures brought so much stress to my life.

Let me confirm it this way.  I am a decent looking human being, truthfully speaking.  I know I look good, in real life, but I’m used to be the one who was so obsessed with social media that I had to post so much for likes and comments.  A pointless thing to do.

I was off social media for a-good-8-month until my cosmetic business started.  Mainly, I just wanted to get more customers, to advertised my products, to see what women out there been using.  Then the bad old habit came back, senselessly.

I started to compare myself with other women.  Those ludicrous questions kept popping up in my head like “Why she prettier than me?  Why she skinnier than me?  I wish I was born in a richer family.” – The grass is always greener on the other side.  They said.

I have been living and comparing myself with every woman I skimmed by on social media.  Then I started stalking them.  Don’t lie, every girl does.  Until one day…

I was chasing luxury stuff, expensive vacations, high-end cars.  At that very moment, I know I had become an unappreciated hussy.  Then I cried.

I only have one life to live.  Chasing things is not a healthy way to live this life.  Wake up, wipe my face, delete social media account.  Start breathing again.


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