I have a lot of friends, like I could go out on Bolsa Street on any day and say “Hi” to at least a person I know, whom I introduce as “my friend” if someone asks.

That much?!  Yup, but how many of them I keep in touch with and truly consider as my friends?  Less than 20 for sure.

I’m not an outgoing person.  As people rate me as party pooper and I am okay with that.  So do my friends.  My best friends Minh and Daphne have been dealing with me for 10 years plus and they call me very sociable.  The way I act is mostly based on who I hang out with.  I can be a book nerd or a social butterfly or someone who could be quite the whole entire time.  What? yeah, deaf.

I don’t have a standard when it comes to my friends but I sure don’t hang out with materialistic people.  I don’t hang out with people who compete with each other about their social status.  Most of my friends have one thing in common, judgement don’t bother them at all.

I, on the other hand, sometimes do.  I care so much about others so when they talk shit, I get hurt.  Deeply.

Friends are for love.  Not for benefits.  Why don’t people get that?  When you take something for granted, you will lose them sooner or later.  So please.  You were born to be a giver, don’t ever be a taker.

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