I know New Year was like 2 months ago but to me, a true Asian (as I consider myself), it’s not New Year yet until I see red envelopes passing around and everybody flies home for family gathering.  We call Lunar New Year “Tết.”

Tết is my most favorite season.  I love everything about Tết.  Going through 29 Tếts both in Vietnam and California.  I think I like it here a little bit more since my older self truly appreciate the time being with important people.  This season brings everyone together, fixes broken relationships, and also expresses love.

Tết makes everything seem better.  I enjoy giving lucky money just as much as receiving it.  I love seeing my mom smile and annoying my sister by stealing her luck.  I love all the ‘banh tet’ I can finally have and with no excuse can over-ate myself.  I love the moment stepping on the scale and two minutes later forgot all the promises I have made. Tết seriously make you gain love and weight.

I finally talked to my dad after two years of upsetting each other.  It has been a long time, I know.  I barely heard any news about him.  His wife called here and there but she hardly mentioned about him since she knew I wasn’t comfortable talking about it.  We faced each other on Christmas but I avoided him the entire night.  Last night was my first time talking to him normally.  My dad and I are absolutely the same person when it comes to stubbornness.  Oh well, he’s my dad, so I talked first.

Tết this year is a complete joy.  My last uncle united us last July.  My dad and his wife moved back from New York after 3 years of living as cave people in Catskill.  My 9 months old cousin survived a major lung surgery.  Mike and I completed our financial goal.  Lastly, I finally decided to focus on my fertility journey.  This year is going to be my year.

I wish whoever read this please have a wonderful year ahead but don’t forget, family matters most.  Tell them how much you love them before it becomes too late.


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